Performance Analysis

Just taking tests are not enough! You need to analyse your performance to find your strong and weak areas. Remember, UPSC Civil Services Exam is a competitive exam, and it is extremely important to know where you stand. Go through the detailed performance reports to find areas where there is scope for improvement!

Answer keys and detailed solutions available in ‘My Account’ for future reference and revision

Answer keys and explanations will be displayed in the final result page within 2-3 minutes after each test. This will also be available in each user accounts under performance overview (My Account ⇒ ‘Completed Quizzes’ ⇒ Details ⇒ View) for future reference (see sample screenshot given below). Please note that screen rotation may not be available via app, but you can tilt your screen to see the full table if you are from a mobile browser.
ClearIAS mock test answer key and solutions

This is what we have inside our performance analysis module:

These links will get automatically updated each time you take a mock test.

ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series Performance Analysis Sample Screenshot

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